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Obesity Management In Southfield, MI

Here in Southfield, MI, our team is dedicated to providing your child with compassionate, understanding weight management and care to children and teens who may be dealing with obesity or overweight and want to achieve a healthier weight. Our team can help your child adopt a healthier lifestyle.

How to Manage My Child’s Weight

If your child is overweight or obese, you may be concerned about their health. This is when teaming up with our pediatricians can provide you with expert advice and strategies from a doctor you know and trust, who understands your child’s background, lifestyle and health history and can provide customized recommendations. Diet and exercise are typically the two main focuses when achieving successful weight loss for kids. Most kids these days are sedentary, so we can discuss ways to incorporate more inactivity into your child’s day, whether through designating time to play outside or having them sign up for intramural sports. We can also provide tips for what foods your child should eat and how much they should eat each day.

What to Expect

When you come in for a weight management appointment with one of our pediatricians, the first thing we will do is take your child’s vitals and record their height and weight. From there, we will review your child’s medical history and decide whether we should perform blood work. We will then identify behavioral changes that need to be made to manage your child’s weight better. We may refer your child to a dietitian to help them make healthier food choices for long-term weight loss success. During your visit with us, you’ll learn about,

  • Developing a workout or fitness routine
  • Ensuring that your child gets at least one hour of exercise most days
  • Healthy food choices and avoiding sugary drinks and foods
  • How to shop for more nutritious choices and food label reading

Suppose you are concerned about your child’s weight. In that case, our Southfield, MI, pediatricians can provide guidance and strategies to help them maintain a healthier weight through diet and lifestyle changes. To schedule a consultation, call My Kid's Doc Southfield at 248-358-2410.

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